atlanta history center wedding

Atlanta History Center Wedding - Daniella + Keron

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

It is always a hassle driving to downtown Atlanta, GA, due to the traffic you run into. It was excellent driving on one of the busiest highways with little to no traffic during the pandemic. But now it’s back to normal.

The Atlanta History Center is located in downtown Atlanta, GA. They offer a couple of indoor and outdoor areas to host your wedding.

However, you’re expected to get ready at a nearby hotel as they have no bridal room to get ready at.

We had the opportunity to shoot Daniella and Keron’s wedding at the Atlanta History Center, and we truly enjoyed our time at the venue.

Getting Ready at The Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Atlanta, GA

Both Daniella and Keron were getting ready at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis in downtown Atlanta, GA. Daniela was on the 40th floor or something, and Keron was a few floors down.

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis looks quite ordinary from the outside, but once you get inside, it’s super epic. It is super scary for me, though, since I am afraid of heights. I had to make sure I wasn’t walking towards the edge.

Daniella gives me complete creative control for the entire day, and I love that. There is no shot list, and just going by what I usually do and doing some creative shots in between.

I split my time with Daniella and Keron. I wanted to get the details for the dress and some makeup shots of Daniella before I headed to Keron.

We had a bit too much fun with the guys. Trying to get creative, I wanted a shot with the guys smoking on the table. But “no smoking” is allowed in the room, haha. We did, however, have one groomsman missing.

Atlanta History Center wedding ceremony

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

I headed out to the wedding ceremony while Daniella was still putting on the wedding dress. After getting my zip-up shots, I packed up and left for the ceremony. Daniella was an hour late for the ceremony and pushed back a few things.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Olguita Gardens, which was terrific. It’s relatively small and condensed, but still makes some fantastic photos.

Daniella had to be super careful at the wedding alter since there was a pond-like ring just before the center. And with her long dress, she took her time getting to the center.

For the family photos, I had to move them to behind the Atlanta History Museum. There was no way we could fit an entire family right in front of the Olguita Gardens Alter.

Wedding Reception at Swan House and McElrath Hall.

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

Since we had lost an hour because Daniella was behind a bit, we didn’t have ample time for a good shot for the entire bridal party right in front of the Swan House. This was the one-shot I wanted to get from the entire wedding day, and well, I got it, but not to the extent I had imagined.

After the family photos session, everyone was getting extremely tired due to the heat, and one of the bridesmaids even got sick. I knew Daniella was also not feeling well, and I didn’t want to force her for the shot, but she also wanted it.

The heat can wear you out if you are not prepared for it. So, during extreme weather, I always try to give my couple a break if we have enough time. This is why you should always book more hours than what you think you’ll need. Very rarely do weddings go according to plan.

The rest of the time was just laid back, capturing the day as it unfolded. We were all glad to be back inside McElreath Hall. The AC feels like a blessing in the heat.

Around 10 pm, I called it the night. Daniella and Keron didn’t have a grand exit planned, and there are only so many images I can take during the dancing part that it’s pointless for me even to be there.

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