Pristine Chapel Lakeside, Macon Wedding Photographer

Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding - Ashley + David

Pristine Chapel Lakeside is a wedding venue located in Jonesboro, GA. We had the opportunity to shoot Ashley and David’s wedding there, and well, the venue is gorgeous, the staff could be a bit flexible. More on this later, but something you should know before booking your wedding at the Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Venue.

Ashley had only booked one photographer for the wedding day, for 8hrs. It’s a bit difficult to photograph a wedding with multiple locations with just one photographer running around. This eats up so much time that the time-traveling around could’ve been spent photographing.

The original plan was to go to the groom’s hotel location for getting ready shots, but after realizing that the traffic from the groom’s hotel to the Airbnb of Ashely’s getting was not going to work out, we opt to start at Ashley’s Airbnb location. I am relished Ashley realized this before the wedding day, as it would’ve been a nightmare trying to get all the photographs complete.

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Getting Ready at Airbnb

Ashley rented an Airbnb close to the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue to get ready. We started the coverage at Airbnb, where we had plenty of time to get all the standard wedding photos captured.

  • Candid shots of getting ready
  • Wedding Dress
  • Bouquet Details
  • Wedding Ring
  • Group shot of girls on the bed with robes
  • Mother zipping up the dress

I had to do a little housekeeping to ensure the bed was nice and clean without any clutter. So, I just started moving things around, yelling at Ashley that I am moving crap around 🙂

Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Venue

Upon arriving at the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue, I immediately text David asking where he was. I had less than two hours to complete the next shot, so I was rushing a bit.

  • David Getting Ready
  • David with groomsmen group
  • David with groomsmen single
  • Ashley with bridesmaid group
  • Ashley with bridesmaid singles
  • Ashley first look with the bridesmaid.

I was able to knock out David in less than 30 minutes quickly. Since I knew photographing the girls would take a bit longer than the boys.

Once David was finished, we had to make sure that the girls were not around either. Since David hasn’t seen Ashely, we had to play a little bit of hide and seek; of course, we never did the seeking part.

Since the actual wedding was outside near the lake, I took the girls inside the chapel to photograph the group shot and the solo shot with Ashley.

Wedding Ceremony

It was scorching hot outside, sweat was dripping into my eyes, and it didn’t feel good at all. However, the ceremony lasts only 30 minutes, and we were done.

Ashley and I decided to the Dad’s First look while he goes to get Ashley. So I was only able to photography a few of the groomsmen and bridesmaids entering the ceremony. It was a big mistake to do this, as I had to run back to the chapel in the extreme heat, and I quickly ran out of breathing.

Even the first look with dad was a bit rush, but I notified Ashely that we didn’t get any good shots from it. Ashley being cool and awesome about it was ok with that. She knew how hard I was working on getting the shots she needed.

Portraits with Ashley and David

The wedding ceremony was at 7:30 pm, which meant I had only 20 minutes of good light before it got too dark for any portraits. This is where I was a bit annoyed with the staff of Pristine Chapel Lakeside.

Before the wedding, I addressed this concern to the staff, and they said you have plenty of time. Having photographed weddings for the past five years, I knew it wasn’t. Suppose you want some good photos you need at least 1hour with good light. Sun had already set, and I was losing light quickly.

Reception and Grand Exit

After the portrait session with Ashley and David, we had the reception. Grand entrance with the bridal party and bride and groom. Cake cutting was right after they enter the reception.

Usually traditional wedding reception and nothing new to talk about, just capturing candid moments throughout the reception.

The grand exit was another issue I had. Instead of having the grand exit at the front of the chapel or venue entrance, the staff at Pristine Chapel Lakeside had it right outside the reception. Which had chairs, tables, and a tent, and it wasn’t perfect.

The grand exit photos would’ve been so much better at the entrance of the venue. I hated that they didn’t ask the photographer for any suggestion on where I prefer to do the exit or anything about time for the portrait session.

Final thoughts on Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding

Both Ashley and David were terrific couples to work with, and I wish my future couples are the same as Ashley and David. Easy to get along with and always up for photos suggestion. And they both understood my suggestion for photographs which is rare. They are my perfect couple.

However, I felt that Pristine Chapel Lakeside did not care for the couples nor the photographer. It seems like it was just another wedding they are hosting and getting paid for it.

They would not allow Ashley and David on the property a bit early for photos (and yes, I told Ashley what a $%#$ venue). We were told strictly to be there at 6 pm. They didn’t care for the time of portraits, nor did they make any attempt to ask for suggestions for photos for the grand exit.

I have worked with many wedding venues, and this was the first time in my five years of photographing weddings where I was not too fond of the venue. Would I recommend them? Nope, unless you want to be rushed on your wedding day, go for it.

It’s not my nature to complain, and matter of fact, I often don’t. But in the end, it was about Ashley and David, not me or nor the wedding venue. Ok, I am done; enjoy the photos, and don’t contact me if you are getting married at this venue 🙂