dahlonega wedding venues

Dahlonega Wedding Venues

Dahlonega Wedding Venues

With fabulous wedding venues located directly in Dahlonega, GA, it’s no wonder that this town is trendy for weddings. However, unfortunately, and sadly, being a wedding photographer in Dahlonega, GA, I have only had two weddings here. The majority of my weddings are outside of my hometown of Dahlonega.

If your looking for wedding venues in Dahlonega, ga then you’ll be glad to hit this page for your research. Today, we’re are going to show you all the wedding venues in Dahlonega only. All venues are directly located within Dahlonega and not nearby towns.

If you need a place to stay for the night, make sure also to check our post on Where to Sleep in Dahlonega, GA.

In total, I have found nine wedding venues in Dahlonega, GA. Who said Dahlonega is a small town, right? If you have one not listed here, please let me know, and I will update this post.

Forrest Hill Mountain Resort

Not only is this a mountain resort, but also a wedding venue. And it’s pretty beautiful here. Just a few miles away from Aamicola falls, Forrest Hill Mountain Resorts is an excellent place for an outdoor wedding in the forest. Surrounded by pure natural beauty and also a place to crash should you need in their cabins.

dahlonega wedding venues
Forest Hill Resorts Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Cavendar Castle

Ok, let’s be truthful here. It looks nothing like a castle to me. But they call that because it somewhat resembles a castle? I don’t know, but if getting married in a castle is your thing, you should check Cavendar Castle out.

Cavendar Castle is perfect for micro or elopement weddings, and don’t get me wrong with the castle. They have other areas within the venue to have your wedding ceremony and reception.

I just don’t think it looks like castle thou 🙂

dahlonega wedding venues
Cavendar Castle in Dahlonega, GA

The 1888 House - Dahlonega Wedding Venues

If an old-fashioned house, like from the movie “Patriot” (Mel Gibson), is your thing, then the 1888 House is perfect for you! And yes, I seriously think about that movie every time I drive by it.

The 1888 House is located directly in the heart of downtown Dahlonega, GA. Giving you easy access to the local shops in Dahlonega. But you wouldn’t be shopping during a wedding, would you?

The 1888 House is perfect for small or micro weddings, as it’s not that big. If you have less than 100 guests, it should be fine, but of course, you want to make sure with the venue themself and not me.

dahlonega wedding venues
The 1888 House in Downtown Dahlonega, GA

Juliette Chapel and Events

One of the most popular venues for small weddings, and yes, I have shot a wedding there! Yah!. The wedding ceremony would be a small chapel that looks nice (yes, I also lack words to describe things), followed by the reception area right next door.

Juliette Chapel and Events have a variety of areas for taking striking portraits. A slight mini forest right behind the reception area and making good use of the front side of the chapel. Thinking of this place get’s me brainstorming for photos.

dahlonega wedding venues
Juliette Chapel and Events Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Blue Mountain Vineyards

Blue Mountain Vineyards is located right before entering Dahlonega if you are coming from route 19. With the mountain range in the background, a fantastic place to host your wedding would make some phenomenal ceremony photos.

You have the vineyards close by to make use of as well as a fantastic barn. One day, I can say that I have shot a wedding here (hint).

dahlonega wedding venues
Blue Mountain Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Montaluce Winery + Resturant

Beautiful wedding venue, this place makes you feel like you are in Italy or something. Unfortunately, I have never been to Italy, but it sure makes you feel like you are when you are on the property.

Montaluce Winery is a vast place so walking around is not advisable. I didn’t shot a wedding here, but I did shot a pre-wedding engagement session here. You can check out the work at Nikki + Ashkay Pre-Wedding Engagement.

dahlonega wedding venues
Montaluce Winery & Restaurant Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Vezalay - Dahlonega Wedding Venues

Vezalay is another wedding venue with a mountain range in the background. You have the option to either go with an outdoor ceremony or an indoor ceremony. They can host up to 180 guests and even have an option for DIY.

Vezalay is located on Highway 52 that’s directly across from the Juliette Chapel and Events venue. And just a few minutes drive from downtown Dahlonega.

dahlonega wedding venues
Vezalay Mountains Wedding Venue

White Oaks

Just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Dahlonega, the White Oaks is a beautiful barn wedding venue. The barn itself is impressive, and yes, I have shot a wedding there. However, when I was there, it was super windy up the hill that my lights keep falling due to the high gusty winds.

The ceremony is usually hosted in front of the house, and reception is held within the barn. They also have a bridal suite close by the reception for the bride to get ready.

dahlonega wedding venues
White Oaks Barn Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Sweet Dixie Farm

Sweet Dixie Farm is the new kid on the block. They just open up this year, and it would be a great time to get booked with them as they are always looking for couples to book their venue.

I haven’t shot a wedding there yet, but I did visit the venue to look around. I honestly forgot who I spoke with now 🙁

dahlonega wedding venues
Sweet Dixie Farm in Dahlonega, GA