Kelly & Danny

State Botanical Garden of Georgia

Athens, GA

Seriously, I can not stress enough how important it is to be open to your photographer.  When you are free, and not worried about someone being there to photograph you the images are truly amazing.  Kelly and Danny both have an amazing attitude, and was just ready about for anything I asked.  They also had a few suggestion which we gladly did.  I could've shot them all day, but we all know that isn't really ideal.

We choose State Botanical Garden of Georgia in Athens, GA as our place of session since Kelly wanted some images from a garden type environment.  This place is huge, and we only covered a tiny bit of it.  We have no idea what is out there, but I imaged it to be nothing but beautiful.

We shoot some with natural light, and used some OCF method as well.  To be honest, I love OCF images.  I only had one light source AD200 and magmod sphere.  Which was enough, since I didn't want to overpower the sun.  Towards the end, I tried to grab more lights, but I was having issue on trying to create something different, and it failed.


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