Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue – Sara + Daniel

Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Today was a drive for wedding photography coverage at the Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue in Mt. Juliet, TN. Roughly a 4-hour drive from my hometown, plus all the stops for coffee, which does add up. Hey, I can’t drive without some coffee in my hands 🙂

Being that the drive was 4 hours away, I always tend to leave early. I don’t know what can happen on the road, so a few hours early is not a bad idea. Plus, if I arrive early, I can always scout the area out.

I arrived at 2 pm and quickly found out that the gates for the venue do not open until 3 pm. That’s when the actual wedding coverage begins. I had to make a few phone calls to get in, as being a vendor, especially a photographer, should allow us in a bit early.

Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue

Mt. Juliet, TN

After making a few phone calls, we were finally able to get inside. Since we still had about 30 minutes before Sara and Daniel arrived, I scouted out the area.

We had fantastic weather today, so I knew I would use the main house as a backdrop for the family pictures. Since it rained, the grounds near the ceremony alter were too wet for the family photos.

The groom’s room was located downstairs, and the brides’ room was upstairs. It’s small, but the details inside the house are just jaw-dropping.

Getting Ready at Iriswoods Wedding and Event Venue

Mt. Juliet, TN

There wasn’t much for Bride’s aspect for the getting ready. Sara had already done makeup and hair at the hotel, and all she had to do was slip into the dress. She only had two bridesmaids, so the coverage was a bit simple.

But I did want to capture the wedding dress outside the Iriswoods Wedding and Event Venue main house. Lucky for us, we were able to hang the dress right in the middle of the house.

brides wedding dress hung at the Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue
brides wedding dress hung at the Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue
brides wedding dress hung at the Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue
Sara came out on the deck
Iriswoods Event Venue Wedding in Mt. Juliet, TN
Move Sara to a proper position for a better shot

We spent more time with Daniel and the groomsmen since they were getting ready at the venue. But after they got dressed, we did letter exchanges with Daniel and Sara.

First, we captured Sara’s letter exchange since we only had one photographer. And then, we went downstairs to capture Daniel’s letter exchange.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue

The ceremony was held outdoors at the Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue. Very grateful that it wasn’t too bad of the heat today. We had some crazy fun moments as the flower boys came through the wedding aisle.

Family and Portraits

Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue - Mt. Juliet, TN

I’d generally make this a separate section, but I combined it since we didn’t have much time during the portraits session. Because Sara had a Persian background, the family is different compared to traditional Western families.

We had to cut back on the portrait session so that the guest would not be kept waiting. It’s a cultural thing. I get it; we have that in our Indian culture too.

Reception and Grand Exit

Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue - Mt. Juliet, TN

The only thing different compared to a typical western wedding was the music played during the open dance floor. But we got all the traditional western wedding events that usually occur at Sara and Daniel’s wedding.

Final Creative Shot

I love easygoing couples and have no shot list or Pinterest board that they want me to recreate. This gives me complete creative control, and invariably these weddings that I photographed are just outstanding.

Since we didn’t have time for portraits with Sara and Daniel, I honestly felt so bad that I went ahead and set up a creative shot for them in front of the house. I didn’t have another location to do this, so once I got the shot ready, I called Sara and Daniel to stand in the front of the house.

And below is the shot I had come up with. Sara loved it, but I wasn’t too happy with it. I saw my mistake, the purple light in the background was too close to the couple, and it didn’t match the other yellow lights. I should’ve used a color opposite of yellow 🙁

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Iriswoods Wedding and Events Venue