6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

Tradition and sentiment are incredibly essential when it comes to weddings. While you may wish to honor your Indian background with a traditional Indian ceremony, your partner may not be Indian and may have other expectations for their wedding day. Combining and mixing the two rituals gracefully is a lovely way to commemorate the union of your two families.

While Indian and Western weddings are vastly different, there are many ways to combine Western traditions and flair into your Indian ceremony to make it unique to you and your partner.

What exactly is an Indian Fusion Wedding?

Having shot many Indian fusion weddings, I noticed that this becoming a trend in recent years.  Indian Fusion Weddings are highly determined by the two parties coming from different cultural backgrounds.

Indian Fusion Weddings will generally add some Indian wedding traditions and other traditions depending on the other half.  Thus calling this an Indian Fusion Wedding.

The most common type of Indian Fusion Weddings is when you have an Indian marrying a western.  Oftentimes the Indian ceremony is cut significantly in half to accommodate both on the same day.


6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

Determine which rituals are most important to you

Discuss which aspects of the wedding ceremony are most significant to your partner. You may discover that only a few aspects of your respective traditional ceremonies are essential to both of you, making it much easier to mix the two.

Talking to both parents about what aspects of the wedding are most important to them may also be beneficial, but don’t give outside ideas more weight than your own and your partner’s.

Remind your loved ones that this is your special day

It’s entirely reasonable to seek your parents’ advice on which traditions to include and exclude from your wedding, but keep in mind that this is your wedding, not theirs, and you’re planning it to represent your relationship with your spouse.

Make decisions that are best for you, not for others, and don’t worry if your parents aren’t happy with them. They’ll show up on the appointed day.

6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

Choose the ideal location

If you wish to marry at a building of faith but have a blended wedding, the venue may not be able to accommodate you. Consider a ceremony location that isn’t affiliated with any religion, or if you decide on a house of worship, chat to them ahead of time about what they accept and don’t allow. Any stipulations they have for couples who married there.

Consider dividing the ceremony into two halves

If your traditions are too far apart to blend elegantly, take inspiration from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, who married in both an Indian and a Western ceremony.

While you may not have the financial means to have two spectacular weddings, an Indian ceremony followed by a simple Western vow exchange can be a terrific approach to please both families while fully representing you and your partner.

6 Tips for Planning Indian Fusion Wedding

Talk to your family about what to expect

You don’t want your granddad to cause any problems during your wedding ceremony. Let both of your families know what to expect from the wedding, including what the various customs mean, how they will be carried out, and what is and is not proper to do, say, or wear. The more you tell your family ahead of time, the less likely they will feel uncomfortable or surprised at the wedding.

Make your ceremony unique

Many officiants from many religions are willing to conduct the wedding ceremony together, so don’t be afraid to enlist the support of two officiants to say “I do.” Whether you have one or two officiants, they can be invaluable in integrating your and your partner’s customs. Just keep the ceremony’s length in mind and make sure it isn’t too long.

It’s critical to collaborate with your partner to make both of your visions a reality, no matter how you want your wedding day to look and feel. You may create and arrange a wedding that embraces both your beliefs and traditions while also celebrating the love you share with open dialogue and understanding.

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Candid Wedding Photography: What does it mean?

Candid Wedding Photography – What does that exactly mean?

You’ve probably spent some time considering and debating the best wedding photographs for your special day. By now, you’ve seen a wide variety of different images and phototypes. Some of them you liked, while others were less appealing. Not for you, at least. The explanation for this could, of course, be due to the photo’s poor quality. However, the cause may be due to a poor choice of wedding photography style.

Make sure you also check out our “Wedding Photography Coverage Style” article, where we discuss different photography coverage. Note, we are talking about “coverage” as opposed to “editing.” There are differences 🙂

Before I get into the meaning, please note that candid wedding photography also has different names. But they generally mean the same thing.

  • Documentary Wedding Photography
  • PhotoJournalist Wedding Photography

Often, these terms mean the same thing as candid. They all cover your wedding day in the same manner.  Photographers use them differently, but in the end, they will shoot your wedding in the same coverage style.

What is candid wedding photography?

To make you understand this question a little bit easier, let’s put it this way. You have a stalker that you are not aware of. You have someone constantly watching every move and making a note of it (capturing photos).

You get the feeling that you are being watched but go about your day away. Then all of a sudden, you are hit with some great shots of the day! Haha, that sounded so scary, huh?

But that’s the truth. We are there in the shadow, watching your entire day unfold and capturing those moments. Nothing is staged or posed. Very rarely do we ever make you pose for shots for photos? However, group and family shots are a different story entirely, so that you can count those.

We act out a scene during shots like the bridal party and the couple’s portrait session, so those shots look natural. Meaning you were doing or acting those scenes out during the day. Take a look at the example below…

candid wedding photography
Bride getting ready at her hotel room in downtown Atlanta, GA

How much does candid wedding photography cost?

Just as any other wedding photography style, the cost is very similar. It all depends on the photographer’s cost of doing business, location, and experiences.

I can not give you an exact answer to this question because it varies on different aspects of your wedding. Giving one straight answer would not be ideal, because every wedding is different, and every couple is different.

candid wedding
Bride and Groom at the ceremony alter during their backyard wedding

For example, We have a wedding package for essential weddings, you get one photographer for 6 hours of coverage time, and if you live within 60 miles radius of Dahlonega, GA, we charge $1500.

You have to consider another aspect of the event as well, like how many locations are there? How many guests will there be? How far is the wedding venue? One photographer can only do so much without being burned out.

  • How many guests will there be?
  • Will your wedding consist in a different location?
  • What do you want covered?

Many weddings I have captured in the past always end up with having one photographer, which makes it difficult to capture both sides of the wedding story (bride and groom).  Having two photographers, one for each bride and groom greatly helps with achieving a complete story.  As well as getting some good shots.

What is the difference between candid Photography and regular Photography?

Regular Photography or traditional Photography is when the photographer makes you stand in a particular format. He’ll tell you to smile and look at the camera directly. And this will be done throughout the day, including during the bridal session and portrait session. Making them look more staged or posed. We made you do that in the photo.

Candid Photography is more about you. The way you get ready, the way you walk, the way you interact with your spouse. Your reaction to the first look, or your reaction to hanging out with your bridesmaid/groomsmen. All the things you do naturally will be documented. Making those photos look more genuine, more real. It’s like not having a wedding photographer present at your wedding.

You need to ask yourself about your wedding day, how do you want to remember this day? Do you want your wedding photos to show you enjoying the day, or pretend you are?

candid wedding photography wedding dress
bride's wedding dress hung inside a private home

Why are candid photos good?

The purpose of candid Photography is to capture reality in its natural state. When people are aware that they are being photographed, they tend to behave and act differently. Their facial expressions are unnatural, they may be uncomfortable, and some might like to leave the place. It might often be challenging to set oneself free and enjoy a moment of joy and celebration.

Photographers who capture candid moments during weddings often virtually unnoticed.

With social media’s growing influence in our lives, we often sacrifice the pleasure we should be having in exchange for a great photo for our Instagram feed. Worse, we prefer to sit and not have fun because we might wind up with an awful photograph. All of this is in stark contrast to candid wedding photography. Yes, the photographer is nearby, and he is undoubtedly filming. However, his unobtrusive presence will not prevent you from having a fantastic time.

Go ahead, enjoy your wedding day. We’ll take care of the memories!

Genuine enthusiasm, joy, and excitement are difficult to capture in a photograph, which is why candid Photography is so appealing. You don’t have to act as if you’re excited about the camera. All you have to do now is relax and enjoy the moment with your closest friends and family.

candid wedding photography
bridesmaid making sure bride's wedding dress is fluffed
candid wedding photo of bride and groom on the beach
bride and groom portrait session on the beach at Kill Devil Hills, NC
candid wedding photo bride sitting on mother's lap
Bride sitting on mother's lap during her wedding

Candid Wedding Photography Tips

Here are some tips we recommend when you hire a candid wedding photographer.  Remember thou, these are just tips and not really necessary required to capture candid moments.  It’s just more of what you can expect from your candid wedding photographer 🙂

Don't pay attention to the Photographer

Ok, well, we don’t mean to talk to them or anything. But pretend they are not even there. They may guide you on what to do, but most of the time, ignore them. While it’s true that weddings are significant events, they are also a good excuse for letting go.

Feel free to express yourself.

Be yourself. If you are clumsy, be clumsy. If you are shy, be shy. If you are goofy, be goofy. If you an energizer bunny, well, then be energized. As previously stated, let go, enjoy the moment, and allow your emotions to blossom.

This is the only method to get a perfect shot when it comes to candid wedding photography. Don’t strive to seem good by posing or attempting to look attractive. In the joy of bliss, you already look fantastic. You don’t need to add anything else. And don’t forget about this one. A drink of wine never hurts.

bride enjoying her wedding reception
Bride dancing during her reception at her wedding in downtown Atlanta, GA

Expect some traditional shots

While the majority of the day will be shot in a candid style, there will be time during the day where some traditional wedding style will be incorporated.  The family formal and group shots of the bridal party are the only two which will require a traditional approach.

traditional wedding photography
traditional wedding photos captured by candid wedding photographer

Enjoy your wedding day, as you suppose to!

You already have enough stress for the day while letting the photo aspect make it more difficult for you to enjoy your wedding day.  That’s why candid coverage style is more for those who want to enjoy the day, as you are not worried about the photos throughout the day.

Spend time with friends, family, and your loved ones on this special day.  You’ll remember those moments in the natural, candid photos taken throughout the day.

Make contact with the photographer ahead of time, and perhaps arrange for engagement photos?

It’s sometimes simpler to say something than it is to execute it. If you don’t think you’ll feel at ease in front of the camera, introduce yourselves to each other. Organizing engagement photos is the most excellent solution.

You’ll have ample time to relax in front of the camera this way, and it won’t feel awkward during the wedding. If this isn’t an option, attempt to do something as simple as a skype call. You can meet each other there and have a quick conversation regarding the event. Check to see whether you’re on the same page.

candid wedding photography
Groom walking down the wedding aisle with father and grandmother
bride and groom talking with guest at wedding reception
bride and groom interacting with guest during their wedding reception
candid wedding
bride taking photos at the photo booth during her wedding reception

Candid Wedding Photography

All images on this post were shot in a candid style.  These are natural emotions captured. They are not staged or posed (ok, well, maybe a few), and they look amazing.  You can’t get any better-looking photos than those that were shot naturally.

If you’re still wondering if candid wedding photography is the right choice for you, then all you really need to ask yourself is one question.

Do you want to enjoy your wedding day?

Having shot all types of styles, and even did some modeling work, I tend to find the candid style the best.  They capture you when you’re not expecting it, and give more natural-looking images.

Contact me today, if you want amazing natural-looking wedding photos.  I am based out of Dahlonega, GA, but do travel almost anywhere.


dahlonega wedding venues

Dahlonega Wedding Venues

Dahlonega Wedding Venues

With fabulous wedding venues located directly in Dahlonega, GA, it’s no wonder that this town is trendy for weddings. However, unfortunately, and sadly, being a wedding photographer in Dahlonega, GA, I have only had two weddings here. The majority of my weddings are outside of my hometown of Dahlonega.

If your looking for wedding venues in Dahlonega, ga then you’ll be glad to hit this page for your research. Today, we’re are going to show you all the wedding venues in Dahlonega only. All venues are directly located within Dahlonega and not nearby towns.

If you need a place to stay for the night, make sure also to check our post on Where to Sleep in Dahlonega, GA.

In total, I have found nine wedding venues in Dahlonega, GA. Who said Dahlonega is a small town, right? If you have one not listed here, please let me know, and I will update this post.

Forrest Hill Mountain Resort

Not only is this a mountain resort, but also a wedding venue. And it’s pretty beautiful here. Just a few miles away from Aamicola falls, Forrest Hill Mountain Resorts is an excellent place for an outdoor wedding in the forest. Surrounded by pure natural beauty and also a place to crash should you need in their cabins.

dahlonega wedding venues
Forest Hill Resorts Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Cavendar Castle

Ok, let’s be truthful here. It looks nothing like a castle to me. But they call that because it somewhat resembles a castle? I don’t know, but if getting married in a castle is your thing, you should check Cavendar Castle out.

Cavendar Castle is perfect for micro or elopement weddings, and don’t get me wrong with the castle. They have other areas within the venue to have your wedding ceremony and reception.

I just don’t think it looks like castle thou 🙂

dahlonega wedding venues
Cavendar Castle in Dahlonega, GA

The 1888 House - Dahlonega Wedding Venues

If an old-fashioned house, like from the movie “Patriot” (Mel Gibson), is your thing, then the 1888 House is perfect for you! And yes, I seriously think about that movie every time I drive by it.

The 1888 House is located directly in the heart of downtown Dahlonega, GA. Giving you easy access to the local shops in Dahlonega. But you wouldn’t be shopping during a wedding, would you?

The 1888 House is perfect for small or micro weddings, as it’s not that big. If you have less than 100 guests, it should be fine, but of course, you want to make sure with the venue themself and not me.

dahlonega wedding venues
The 1888 House in Downtown Dahlonega, GA

Juliette Chapel and Events

One of the most popular venues for small weddings, and yes, I have shot a wedding there! Yah!. The wedding ceremony would be a small chapel that looks nice (yes, I also lack words to describe things), followed by the reception area right next door.

Juliette Chapel and Events have a variety of areas for taking striking portraits. A slight mini forest right behind the reception area and making good use of the front side of the chapel. Thinking of this place get’s me brainstorming for photos.

dahlonega wedding venues
Juliette Chapel and Events Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Blue Mountain Vineyards

Blue Mountain Vineyards is located right before entering Dahlonega if you are coming from route 19. With the mountain range in the background, a fantastic place to host your wedding would make some phenomenal ceremony photos.

You have the vineyards close by to make use of as well as a fantastic barn. One day, I can say that I have shot a wedding here (hint).

dahlonega wedding venues
Blue Mountain Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Montaluce Winery + Resturant

Beautiful wedding venue, this place makes you feel like you are in Italy or something. Unfortunately, I have never been to Italy, but it sure makes you feel like you are when you are on the property.

Montaluce Winery is a vast place so walking around is not advisable. I didn’t shot a wedding here, but I did shot a pre-wedding engagement session here. You can check out the work at Nikki + Ashkay Pre-Wedding Engagement.

dahlonega wedding venues
Montaluce Winery & Restaurant Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Vezalay - Dahlonega Wedding Venues

Vezalay is another wedding venue with a mountain range in the background. You have the option to either go with an outdoor ceremony or an indoor ceremony. They can host up to 180 guests and even have an option for DIY.

Vezalay is located on Highway 52 that’s directly across from the Juliette Chapel and Events venue. And just a few minutes drive from downtown Dahlonega.

dahlonega wedding venues
Vezalay Mountains Wedding Venue

White Oaks

Just a few minutes’ drive from downtown Dahlonega, the White Oaks is a beautiful barn wedding venue. The barn itself is impressive, and yes, I have shot a wedding there. However, when I was there, it was super windy up the hill that my lights keep falling due to the high gusty winds.

The ceremony is usually hosted in front of the house, and reception is held within the barn. They also have a bridal suite close by the reception for the bride to get ready.

dahlonega wedding venues
White Oaks Barn Wedding Venue in Dahlonega, GA

Sweet Dixie Farm

Sweet Dixie Farm is the new kid on the block. They just open up this year, and it would be a great time to get booked with them as they are always looking for couples to book their venue.

I haven’t shot a wedding there yet, but I did visit the venue to look around. I honestly forgot who I spoke with now 🙁

dahlonega wedding venues
Sweet Dixie Farm in Dahlonega, GA

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6 Tips to Avoid Coronavirus on Your Wedding Day

You’re not starting from scratch with your wedding plans–you’ve already planned a menu, ordered flowers, and booked the band. Now you just have to count down the days until you say, “I do.”

But now that the pandemic of COVID-19 has taken over significant international events, you may be wondering: What about my wedding day?

International travelers with a wedding are concerned about the coronavirus threat. The fear is that if it delays their travel, it might also wait their wedding day or honeymoon. We have some tips on how to avoid this from happening, so your big day isn’t ruined by the coronavirus.

Talk to Your Vendors

Before you make any big decisions, talk to each of your wedding vendors about what they see concerning the coronavirus. The risk of transmission will differ depending on where you choose to host your event, so discussing this with all vendors can give more insight into what plans should be made for the actual day.

You should also talk to your guests about the risks associated with COVID-19 and what they can do to avoid contracting it themselves. Some questions you might want to discuss are:

  • Are there many international travelers attending?
  • Is the venue recommendable for visitors, or is it just locally known?
  • What's the potential for exposure considering sanitation and infection?
coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Consider live-streaming

If you have elderly or immunocompromised friends and family, you may want to consider live-streaming your ceremony as a way of including them in the celebration without worrying about catching an illness.

We can thank the covid-19 pandemic for making this the latest trend at weddings today. Sure, it’s doable with having a friend at the wedding take care of the live stream, or you can hire someone to take over.

Many companies now just offer live-streaming the wedding, and below is a list of vendors we can recommend if you do not want to be involved with live streaming yourself.

Real Wedding Photos

Looking for inspiration for a backyard wedding? Check out Amy & Brian's Wedding!

backyard wedding, georgia wedding photographer

Consider a Wedding Website

A wedding website is another trend that’s getting some attention. It’s a great place to update not only information about your wedding day but also an excellent place for your friends and family to get updates on what’s going on at your wedding.

Add a note about coronavirus concerns and backup plans to your wedding website so that out-of-town guests are in the know. In your message, be sure to write it in a calm and clear tone. Avoid any words or phrases that will cause your guests to panic.

If you don’t have an established wedding website already, now is the time to create one for future use, if needed. Below are a few places where you can create one if you need one.

coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Take plenty of precautions.

One way to mitigate some risk of infection is to take preventative measures like making sure you wash your hands often and stay away from large gatherings where the virus could more easily proliferate. Plus, if you have any signs of having contracted the coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider without delay for a diagnosis.

When it comes to mitigating the risk of contracting the coronavirus, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. By following safe and sensible precautions and making a good-faith effort to think things through, you will be able to make peace with your decision while providing for both your needs as well as those of all guests attending.

Remember, it’s your day. If possible, try to put the threat of contracting the coronavirus behind you and focus on making your ceremony perfect for you and your loved ones. The world is changing quickly. Be prepared with plenty of backup plans to minimize the risk of postponing your wedding.

Consider Wedding Insurances

If you haven’t already, consider getting wedding insurance. An event-specific type of insurance can help protect your investment in an extreme weather event or global pandemic. That way, if you cannot have your wedding day, you won’t lose all the money you have invested into deposits.

Talk to your insurances to see if they have wedding insurances available. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, lots of insurance companies are offering wedding insurances.

coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Consider Backyard Wedding

If all breaks hell, and you have to cancel your wedding due to the covid-19 pandemic, think about a backyard wedding if you absolutely want to get married.

Many couples choose either a backyard wedding or even elopement weddings if they still say the “I do”. You have a minimal wedding, but at least you can get married and then have a reception when things get back to normal to celebrate with friends and family.

Pristine Chapel Lakeside, Macon Wedding Photographer

Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding - Ashley + David

Pristine Chapel Lakeside is a wedding venue located in Jonesboro, GA. We had the opportunity to shoot Ashley and David’s wedding there, and well, the venue is gorgeous, the staff could be a bit flexible. More on this later, but something you should know before booking your wedding at the Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Venue.

Ashley had only booked one photographer for the wedding day, for 8hrs. It’s a bit difficult to photograph a wedding with multiple locations with just one photographer running around. This eats up so much time that the time-traveling around could’ve been spent photographing.

The original plan was to go to the groom’s hotel location for getting ready shots, but after realizing that the traffic from the groom’s hotel to the Airbnb of Ashely’s getting was not going to work out, we opt to start at Ashley’s Airbnb location. I am relished Ashley realized this before the wedding day, as it would’ve been a nightmare trying to get all the photographs complete.

View the full gallery for Ashley and David’s Wedding at the Pristine Lakeside Chapel in Jonesboro, GA

Getting Ready at Airbnb

Ashley rented an Airbnb close to the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue to get ready. We started the coverage at Airbnb, where we had plenty of time to get all the standard wedding photos captured.

  • Candid shots of getting ready
  • Wedding Dress
  • Bouquet Details
  • Wedding Ring
  • Group shot of girls on the bed with robes
  • Mother zipping up the dress

I had to do a little housekeeping to ensure the bed was nice and clean without any clutter. So, I just started moving things around, yelling at Ashley that I am moving crap around 🙂

Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding Venue

Upon arriving at the Pristine Chapel Lakeside wedding venue, I immediately text David asking where he was. I had less than two hours to complete the next shot, so I was rushing a bit.

  • David Getting Ready
  • David with groomsmen group
  • David with groomsmen single
  • Ashley with bridesmaid group
  • Ashley with bridesmaid singles
  • Ashley first look with the bridesmaid.

I was able to knock out David in less than 30 minutes quickly. Since I knew photographing the girls would take a bit longer than the boys.

Once David was finished, we had to make sure that the girls were not around either. Since David hasn’t seen Ashely, we had to play a little bit of hide and seek; of course, we never did the seeking part.

Since the actual wedding was outside near the lake, I took the girls inside the chapel to photograph the group shot and the solo shot with Ashley.

Wedding Ceremony

It was scorching hot outside, sweat was dripping into my eyes, and it didn’t feel good at all. However, the ceremony lasts only 30 minutes, and we were done.

Ashley and I decided to the Dad’s First look while he goes to get Ashley. So I was only able to photography a few of the groomsmen and bridesmaids entering the ceremony. It was a big mistake to do this, as I had to run back to the chapel in the extreme heat, and I quickly ran out of breathing.

Even the first look with dad was a bit rush, but I notified Ashely that we didn’t get any good shots from it. Ashley being cool and awesome about it was ok with that. She knew how hard I was working on getting the shots she needed.

Portraits with Ashley and David

The wedding ceremony was at 7:30 pm, which meant I had only 20 minutes of good light before it got too dark for any portraits. This is where I was a bit annoyed with the staff of Pristine Chapel Lakeside.

Before the wedding, I addressed this concern to the staff, and they said you have plenty of time. Having photographed weddings for the past five years, I knew it wasn’t. Suppose you want some good photos you need at least 1hour with good light. Sun had already set, and I was losing light quickly.

Reception and Grand Exit

After the portrait session with Ashley and David, we had the reception. Grand entrance with the bridal party and bride and groom. Cake cutting was right after they enter the reception.

Usually traditional wedding reception and nothing new to talk about, just capturing candid moments throughout the reception.

The grand exit was another issue I had. Instead of having the grand exit at the front of the chapel or venue entrance, the staff at Pristine Chapel Lakeside had it right outside the reception. Which had chairs, tables, and a tent, and it wasn’t perfect.

The grand exit photos would’ve been so much better at the entrance of the venue. I hated that they didn’t ask the photographer for any suggestion on where I prefer to do the exit or anything about time for the portrait session.

Final thoughts on Pristine Chapel Lakeside Wedding

Both Ashley and David were terrific couples to work with, and I wish my future couples are the same as Ashley and David. Easy to get along with and always up for photos suggestion. And they both understood my suggestion for photographs which is rare. They are my perfect couple.

However, I felt that Pristine Chapel Lakeside did not care for the couples nor the photographer. It seems like it was just another wedding they are hosting and getting paid for it.

They would not allow Ashley and David on the property a bit early for photos (and yes, I told Ashley what a $%#$ venue). We were told strictly to be there at 6 pm. They didn’t care for the time of portraits, nor did they make any attempt to ask for suggestions for photos for the grand exit.

I have worked with many wedding venues, and this was the first time in my five years of photographing weddings where I was not too fond of the venue. Would I recommend them? Nope, unless you want to be rushed on your wedding day, go for it.

It’s not my nature to complain, and matter of fact, I often don’t. But in the end, it was about Ashley and David, not me or nor the wedding venue. Ok, I am done; enjoy the photos, and don’t contact me if you are getting married at this venue 🙂

bullock springs manor in dallas ga

Bullock Springs Manor - Hailey + Brett

Bullock Springs Manor is a wedding venue (duh) located in Dallas, GA. The venue has just been renovated, and all I can say is that it looks incredible.

Bullock Springs Manor can host up to 200 guests at their venue, so if you have a bigger wedding, this really shouldn’t be a problem.

Upon arriving at Bullock Springs Manor, I thought it would be a relatively small venue, but it’s pretty significant when you start walking around the place, to my surprise.

bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bullock springs manor wedding venue in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Getting Ready at Bullock Springs Manor

For Hailey and Brett’s wedding, they were in front of the venue to get ready. The girls’ room looks amazing! It feels like you are in a professional makeup studio with mirrors and lights all around. I love the fact that they separated the makeup room.

While Hailey was getting her makeup still done, I went off to capture the wedding dress. In the front of the venue house, there were terrific hanging lights that I had to make use of.

I always get the wedding dress outside, but this time I wanted something different. Since Hailey gave me complete creative control, I took advantage of my creativity 🙂

bride getting hair done on her wedding day
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
macon wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
wedding dress hung under the lights inside bullock springs manors in dallas ga
beautiful wedding dress hung on those light thingy (forgot the name)

Once the boys were ready, I took them outright in the front of the house. Grab a few group shots and solo shots. They also had some cool sunglasses, so I made sure I used them.

After finishing up Brett and his groomsmen, we went out for the girl’s group and solo shots. The girls also had some pretty nifty sunglasses, so we used them, of course :).

It’s pretty cool to have a group shot of both the bridal party wearing sunglasses.

groom and groomsmen group photo
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
groom with groomsmen outside under a tree
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
groom with groomsmen outside under a tree
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
groom at bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bride with bridesmaid outside looking chilled
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bride with bridesmaid outside in the garden at bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bullock springs manor in dallas ga
it's game on with the bride and her bridesmaid

Ceremony Inside the Barn

Hailey and Brett’s wedding was held inside the open barn towards the back of the venue. The first time, I was in a barn where it was white! This makes it so much easier to bounce light and get natural-looking images.

We did the family photos right after the ceremony (which I always do) at the wedding ceremony altar. I forgot to tell Hailey to make a list of family photos before the wedding day, so it took a bit longer than expected.

bride entering the wedding ceremony with father
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
bullock springs manor in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
atlanta wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
macon wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
macon wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Portraits at Bullock Spring Manor

The day turned cloudy quickly after the ceremony, which I was very grateful for. I love that the clouds start rolling in; they make the perfect light, creating some fantastic portraits.

I shot most of the portraits in natural light, beside one with off-camera light. I wanted one dramatic shot.

We did Hailey’s and Brett’s portrait session right in the middle of the Bullock Spring Manor venue. They have a beautiful garden between the barn and venue that I had to take advantage of.

georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA
georgia wedding photographer
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was in the back of the Bullock Springs Manor venue house. However, I missed the bridal party entrance. As I went to get the lights out of my car, they started without me 🙁

I immediately went to Hailey and told her that I missed all of it and asked if she wanted to re-do her entrance since we still had plenty of time. Being sports about, she said, “that’s fine, no worries.”

When you have only one wedding photographer, stuff like this can happen, thus, why I don’t usually shot alone. But for this, I wanted to make up to Hailey and Brett by creating something epic.

So, during the dancing…

I told Hailey, “Hey, I am gonna set up a creative photo for guys.”

Because I create these photos, I need to have a second shooter on hand, so I don’t miss anything inside, but Hailey was super cool anyways.

Bullock Springs Manor had an amazing tree covered with Christmas lights. I knew the lights would naturally be in the shot if I shot here, making it a nice-looking photo. All I had to do was to light the couple. And below is the photo that was stuck in my head.

bullock springs manor wedding venue in dallas ga
Hailey & Brett Wedding at the Bullock Springs Manor in Dallas, GA

The Grand Exit, a sparkler exit with rain! As it was time to end the fun, it started to rain! We had planned to do the sparkler exit in the front, but we had to narrow our view to just inside the driveway with the rain.

That sucked because if we had a broader view, it would’ve looked better. But ah, the things that happen at weddings. Always an adventure 🙂 And yup, I drove home wet.

Bullock Springs Manor Wedding Venue

Bullock Springs Manor is a fantastic wedding venue. Everything is in close proximity, so walking isn’t an issue. With multiple locations for some great photos, you can go wrong with this venue.

We got some fantastic photos during the portrait session; the clouds coming help a lot. But I am sure I can take some fantastic sunset photos here as well.

Make sure to see their full gallery here.

If you like my wedding photography, let’s chat. Just remember to grab more hours to make your wedding photos stand out. After all, it does take time to create amazing photos.

And you will never really know what will happen on your wedding day. The last thing you want is an incomplete wedding documented.

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Atlanta History Center Wedding - Daniella + Keron

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

It is always a hassle driving to downtown Atlanta, GA, due to the traffic you run into. It was excellent driving on one of the busiest highways with little to no traffic during the pandemic. But now it’s back to normal.

The Atlanta History Center is located in downtown Atlanta, GA. They offer a couple of indoor and outdoor areas to host your wedding.

However, you’re expected to get ready at a nearby hotel as they have no bridal room to get ready at.

We had the opportunity to shoot Daniella and Keron’s wedding at the Atlanta History Center, and we truly enjoyed our time at the venue.

Getting Ready at The Atlanta Marriott Marquis

Atlanta, GA

Both Daniella and Keron were getting ready at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis in downtown Atlanta, GA. Daniela was on the 40th floor or something, and Keron was a few floors down.

The Atlanta Marriott Marquis looks quite ordinary from the outside, but once you get inside, it’s super epic. It is super scary for me, though, since I am afraid of heights. I had to make sure I wasn’t walking towards the edge.

Daniella gives me complete creative control for the entire day, and I love that. There is no shot list, and just going by what I usually do and doing some creative shots in between.

I split my time with Daniella and Keron. I wanted to get the details for the dress and some makeup shots of Daniella before I headed to Keron.

We had a bit too much fun with the guys. Trying to get creative, I wanted a shot with the guys smoking on the table. But “no smoking” is allowed in the room, haha. We did, however, have one groomsman missing.

Atlanta History Center wedding ceremony

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

I headed out to the wedding ceremony while Daniella was still putting on the wedding dress. After getting my zip-up shots, I packed up and left for the ceremony. Daniella was an hour late for the ceremony and pushed back a few things.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Olguita Gardens, which was terrific. It’s relatively small and condensed, but still makes some fantastic photos.

Daniella had to be super careful at the wedding alter since there was a pond-like ring just before the center. And with her long dress, she took her time getting to the center.

For the family photos, I had to move them to behind the Atlanta History Museum. There was no way we could fit an entire family right in front of the Olguita Gardens Alter.

Wedding Reception at Swan House and McElrath Hall.

The Atlanta History Center Wedding

Since we had lost an hour because Daniella was behind a bit, we didn’t have ample time for a good shot for the entire bridal party right in front of the Swan House. This was the one-shot I wanted to get from the entire wedding day, and well, I got it, but not to the extent I had imagined.

After the family photos session, everyone was getting extremely tired due to the heat, and one of the bridesmaids even got sick. I knew Daniella was also not feeling well, and I didn’t want to force her for the shot, but she also wanted it.

The heat can wear you out if you are not prepared for it. So, during extreme weather, I always try to give my couple a break if we have enough time. This is why you should always book more hours than what you think you’ll need. Very rarely do weddings go according to plan.

The rest of the time was just laid back, capturing the day as it unfolded. We were all glad to be back inside McElreath Hall. The AC feels like a blessing in the heat.

Around 10 pm, I called it the night. Daniella and Keron didn’t have a grand exit planned, and there are only so many images I can take during the dancing part that it’s pointless for me even to be there.

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Vietnamese Catholic Wedding - Nancy + Pham

Normally I wouldn’t say I like Catholic Weddings due to all the restrictions they imply on the ceremony.  However, this is the first Catholic wedding I have photographed that I enjoyed photographing.  Nancy and Pham said their “I Do’s” at the Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church in Duluth, GA.

The church is an amazing masterpiece, both outside and inside.  Amply enough light inside the church made it easy to photograph the ceremony without worry about images being too dark due to the church restriction of using flash inside.

Nancy and Pham decide to have a smaller wedding, which seems to be normal now these days.  So we had no bridesmaid nor any groomsmen.  Both bride and groom got ready at the church.

Getting Ready at Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church

One room was for Nancy, while the other side was for Pham.  We started with Nancy, as we knew it wouldn’t take long for us to photography Pham.

Most of the time, at weddings, I always lose time with the bride for her portraits.  Usually, right after the dress is on, we have to head to the ceremony because it’s already too late.  And that’s just the way weddings are.

I took some of Pham’s solo photos, but I forgot to upload them to this post.  But they are in the full gallery.

Portrait Session

There really weren’t any good spots at this church for some portrait session for Nancy and Pham.  We were surrounded by pavements, a parking lot, and warehouse buildings that didn’t look flattering.

Right beside the Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church, there was a small park that looked ok.  I wasn’t so fond of it and was limited to the area.  I knew that once we head to the reception area, chances of having time for portraits would be limited or none.

A few of the shots were taken during reception time.

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was held at the