About Me


Hitesh Patel

Complication just makes it so much confusing.  I am rather a simple guy who would likes everything explained in simple terms.  Let’s not make it any worse.  I enjoy random road trips that has no point of interest.  Enjoying the drive, enjoying the view, enjoying the fresh air all while sipping that 12oz of dunkin donut coffee.  Longer trip will require 20oz or larger.

I am not the type that likes to follow the regular traditional of shooting wedding.  I hate shot list! Don’t give them to me.  I capture the way you in real life, I capture your personality, I capture your goofy snorts, all while creating that one heirloom image for you to just be amazed by.  With an attitude that’s laid back, down to earth and maybe throw in a few FRIENDS jokes to make it more weird for the both of us :P.   We will be having fun when we are working together, because well that’s what life is all about right?

All weddings I cover comes with a professional team; making sure all that your entire story is told in complete.  Below are the A-Team members that will come trolling in to your most important day, making sure you are enjoying it rather then worried about it.


Professional Team


Me, Myself & I

Krista Ballington



Lighting Assistant