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It all started when something happens in life that sparks something that you would have no idea where it would lead. This spark came when my son was born, and every since then, I just want to keep taking better pictures.

Who Am I?

Ah the worse part of the website, talking about myself. Born in India, came to the states at age of 3 and got married at age of 28 in India. I had an awesome adventure through my childhood. Experiences all the small things that comes along with life. However, a part of me, still hasn't grown up yet. At least that's what the wife says :). Despite how difficult life can be, I always seem to have an positive attitude.
If I was to describe myselft it would be...
  • someone who's laid back
  • someone who enjoys joking around
  • someone who hasn't grown up yet
  • Stuffs I like...

    100%Jeep Wrangler





    100%Doing things I am not suppose too