You’re not starting from scratch with your wedding plans–you’ve already planned a menu, ordered flowers, and booked the band. Now you just have to count down the days until you say, “I do.”

But now that the pandemic of COVID-19 has taken over significant international events, you may be wondering: What about my wedding day?

International travelers with a wedding are concerned about the coronavirus threat. The fear is that if it delays their travel, it might also wait their wedding day or honeymoon. We have some tips on how to avoid this from happening, so your big day isn’t ruined by the coronavirus.

Talk to Your Vendors

Before you make any big decisions, talk to each of your wedding vendors about what they see concerning the coronavirus. The risk of transmission will differ depending on where you choose to host your event, so discussing this with all vendors can give more insight into what plans should be made for the actual day.

You should also talk to your guests about the risks associated with COVID-19 and what they can do to avoid contracting it themselves. Some questions you might want to discuss are:

  • Are there many international travelers attending?
  • Is the venue recommendable for visitors, or is it just locally known?
  • What's the potential for exposure considering sanitation and infection?
coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Consider live-streaming

If you have elderly or immunocompromised friends and family, you may want to consider live-streaming your ceremony as a way of including them in the celebration without worrying about catching an illness.

We can thank the covid-19 pandemic for making this the latest trend at weddings today. Sure, it’s doable with having a friend at the wedding take care of the live stream, or you can hire someone to take over.

Many companies now just offer live-streaming the wedding, and below is a list of vendors we can recommend if you do not want to be involved with live streaming yourself.

Real Wedding Photos

Looking for inspiration for a backyard wedding? Check out Amy & Brian's Wedding!

backyard wedding, georgia wedding photographer

Consider a Wedding Website

A wedding website is another trend that’s getting some attention. It’s a great place to update not only information about your wedding day but also an excellent place for your friends and family to get updates on what’s going on at your wedding.

Add a note about coronavirus concerns and backup plans to your wedding website so that out-of-town guests are in the know. In your message, be sure to write it in a calm and clear tone. Avoid any words or phrases that will cause your guests to panic.

If you don’t have an established wedding website already, now is the time to create one for future use, if needed. Below are a few places where you can create one if you need one.

coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Take plenty of precautions.

One way to mitigate some risk of infection is to take preventative measures like making sure you wash your hands often and stay away from large gatherings where the virus could more easily proliferate. Plus, if you have any signs of having contracted the coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider without delay for a diagnosis.

When it comes to mitigating the risk of contracting the coronavirus, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. By following safe and sensible precautions and making a good-faith effort to think things through, you will be able to make peace with your decision while providing for both your needs as well as those of all guests attending.

Remember, it’s your day. If possible, try to put the threat of contracting the coronavirus behind you and focus on making your ceremony perfect for you and your loved ones. The world is changing quickly. Be prepared with plenty of backup plans to minimize the risk of postponing your wedding.

Consider Wedding Insurances

If you haven’t already, consider getting wedding insurance. An event-specific type of insurance can help protect your investment in an extreme weather event or global pandemic. That way, if you cannot have your wedding day, you won’t lose all the money you have invested into deposits.

Talk to your insurances to see if they have wedding insurances available. Because of the covid-19 pandemic, lots of insurance companies are offering wedding insurances.

coronavirus wedding, backyard wedding
6 tips to avoid coronavirus on your wedding day

Consider Backyard Wedding

If all breaks hell, and you have to cancel your wedding due to the covid-19 pandemic, think about a backyard wedding if you absolutely want to get married.

Many couples choose either a backyard wedding or even elopement weddings if they still say the “I do”. You have a minimal wedding, but at least you can get married and then have a reception when things get back to normal to celebrate with friends and family.