5 Tips on Nailing your Engagement Session

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Getting ready for an engagement session can be a scary task. Especially if you have never met your photographer, so many things will run through your mind and well it will just be awkward. You are relying on someone to capture you as a couple and try to be normal in front of someone that is a stranger is difficult. After doing so many engagement sessions, I have noticed a few things in common with all my couples who I have captured. And hopefully, the five tips below on nailing your engagement session will help you a bit.
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Relax, Relax

just take a moment and breathe

1. Don’t be nervous!

This is probably the hardest thing to do. After all, you and your photographer are meeting for the first time, and being calm and worried free in front of someone that is a stranger is hard. I have a hard time doing it, so I can not blame you for it. Talking with your photographer over the phone can be beneficial as you can tell a lot by someone’s voice. Thus, try to talk to him/her over the phone before your first visit. I recommend that you talk for at least 20 minutes, so you can get a feel for them. Ask a stupid, silly question and see what or how they respond. You will have a much more relax engagement session when you know how their reaction will be. I love to talk to my clients before the visit, as I can tell how they will be by just speaking over the phone. With today’s technology, it’s very hard to get a feel for someone by text or emails.

Also, remember that your photographer is probably nervous. His/her job is to take good photos and give you a good impression of how his/her photography is about. You can also suggest you have a little chat in person before the session begins. I like to ask questions to break the ice a little, trying to keep a conversation going while getting ready for the session. But most of the time, I already broke the ice by talking to them over the phone.

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2. Cloths Matters!

The engagement session is about you two.  Not anyone else, it should represent who you are in your day-to-day life.  What you wear when you guys go out, what you guys wear when your home, what you guys wear when you go out the movie is what you guys should wear during your engagement session.  These type of cloths you are most comfortable in, and well it should represent that in the images taken during your engagement session.  You will move around, you will sit, you will stand, and with me might even doing something silly or weird so we need you to be in cloths that you can move around freely in and doesn’t bother you.

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3. Things that get overlooked

Things that get overlooked all the time would something like cards, gifts, and pets. If you gave your Fiancé these things, then you should bring it along and let the photographer incorporate them into the session. Smalls gifts giving during your proposal are something very important to both of you so why not have that in the images? These can be things like cards, jewelry, or something you made. Isn’t that special between you and your Fiancé?

Pet’s are another thing. If you're doing a session outside, why not bring along your pet? he/she is also part of the relationship, right? This may be something you want to talk over with your photographer, as depending on the location you are selecting, pets are not allowed everywhere.

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4. Makeup and Hair

So, let me ask you, do you get professional hair and makeup done every day? If you answer no, then this should be the answer to your engagement session. I know ladies usually want to look the best every time, but, that’s not how you look every day. A special occasion is understandable and should be used. However, I suggest just some light makeup for your engagement session, light makeup like you wear every day to work. Your man already likes you the way you, and he has seen you without it on too, so who you're trying to impress? But if you still insist then by all mean go for it, but it’s unnecessary for an engagement shoot. If your modeling or posing to be published somewhere then well, that’s a whole different story altogether.

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5. Weather

The best light you can ever get is during cloudy days or when it’s about to rain.  When the sun is out, and it’s a beautiful day, is not! I shot some of my best work during cloudy/rainy days.  Don’t be afraid of the rain, let the rain help you create some amazing images you will ever see.  I have seen no one shoot in rain, I would.  But I am insane photographer who does things out of norm.  I had an engagement session coming up, and well it was close to being cancelled because she thought it would rain.  My only reaction was so? But I understand her point of view too, as she was getting makeup done and didn’t want that to affected by the rain.  I was thinking in my head, OMG I hope it rains.  This will be the perfect condition to shoot at especially in downtown Atlanta, GA.

Rain is part of our life, it rains, we get wet and move on.  So if an engagement session happens during rain, do it.  Make sure you bring an extra pair of cloth and umbrella if you do this crazy daring thing.  I would’ve loved to find a couple who be daring for this.  I have seen no engagement session taken during a rain, hmmm.. now I need to find someone who will do it.  Any takers? ????

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